Josefina María Vegara Meseguer

Josefina María Vegara Meseguer

Grado en Arquitectura

Grado en Ingeniería Civil

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Programa de Doctorado en BIOINGENIERÍA

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  • Application of Computational Drug Discovery Techniques for Designing New Drugs against Zika Virus
  • Application of modern drug discovery techniques in the context of diabetes mellitus and atherosclerosis
  • Caracterización electrofisiológica de las células madre
  • Effect of inclusion of hydroxycinnamic and chlorogenic acids from green coffee bean in beta-cyclodextrin on their interactions with whey, egg white and soy protein isolates
  • Ética y Clonación: Realidades y exageraciones
  • Hepatoprotective activity of chrysin is mediated through TNF-alfa in chemically-induced acute liver damage: An in vivo study and molecular modeling
  • Induction of Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells into Insulin-Secreting Cells by Fetal Soluble Factors
  • Ion channels in the plasma membrane of mouse embryonic stem cells
  • Ion channels in the plasma membrane of mouse embryonic stem cells and their physiological role
  • L-type Ca2+ channels and SK channels in mouse embryonic stem cells and their contribution to cell proliferation
  • La energía como fuente de vida
  • Pedometeric quantification of the influence of jobs and field of study on physical activity patterns on a college campus
  • Sedentary behavior and physical activity levels in university students and workers
  • The need for an integrated computational/experimental approach in the discovery and design of new drugs
  • The Need for an Integrated Computational/Experimental Approach in the Discovery and Design of New Drugs

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