Samuel Mendoza García

Director General de Infraestructuras y Desarrollo Digital

Responsable Departamento Multimedia

Dirección de Infraestructuras y Desarrollo Digital

Sobre mi

Samuel Mendoza García was born in Spain on the 23rd of January 1981 and is currently working since 2012 as a board member of the University Foundation San Antonio of Murcia, which is the founding entity of the Catholic University of Murcia ­ UCAM. He is also infrastructure responsible since 2013, ICT and Multimedia director since December 2012 and member of the internationalization team since December 2010, focusing on the following regions: Jakarta, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Moscow, Italy, Spain, Arabs Emirates, Boston, California, New York, London, Oxford, Cuba, Essen, Brazil... Samuel Mendoza was in charge of the Web Activities department from July 2007 to December 2012.He is now following a MBA (Master Business Administration) in Business Management, is a graduated in Computer Systems since 2011 at the UCAM and is a Technical Engineer in Computer Systems since 2007. Moreover he obtained an Erasmus grant in the academic year 2007/2008 to study Informatics and Mathematics at the Università di Bologna in Italy.

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