Juan Miguel Navarro Ruiz

Juan Miguel Navarro Ruiz

Grado en Ingeniería en Sistemas de Telecomunicación

Grado en Ingeniería Civil


Ingeniero Técnico en Telecomunicación. Especialidad Sonido e Imagen
Ingeniero en Telecomunicación
Programa de Doctorado en Telecomunicación (MEE2011-0146)

Grupos de investigación


  • A Big Data Framework for Urban Noise Analysis and Management in Smart Cities
  • A Theoretical Approach to Room Acoustic Simulations Based on a Radiative Transfer Model
  • A Wireless Acoustic Array System for Binaural Loudness Evaluation in Cities
  • Cumulative-Sum-Based Localization of Sound Events in Low-Cost Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks
  • Evaluation of the 3-D finite difference implementation of the acoustic diffusion equation model on massively parallel architectures
  • Implementation and evaluation of a diffusion equation model based on finite difference schemes for sound field prediction in rooms
  • Influence of the scattering and absorption coefficients on homogeneous room simulations that use a diffusion equation model
  • Investigation on the effect of aperture sizes and receiver positions in coupled rooms
  • Low-Cost Alternatives for Urban Noise Nuisance Monitoring using Wireless Sensor Networks
  • On the Application of the Raspberry Pi as an Advanced Acoustic Sensor Network for Noise Monitoring
  • On the limitation of a diffusion equation model for acoustic predictions of rooms with homogeneous dimensions
  • Predicción del tiempo de reverberación en salas mediante procesos de difusión de la energía acústica
  • Simulation of building indoor acoustics using an acoustic diffusion equation model
  • Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Urban Acoustic Environments with Binaural Psycho-Acoustical Considerations for IoT-Based Applications
  • Subjective quality assessment of multichannel audio accompanied with video in representative broadcasting genres

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